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Strategic Storage Trust VI, Inc. (“SST VI”) is a public non-traded REIT focused on income and growth self storage facilities and related real estate investments. Self storage benefits from demand drivers that occur during both expansionary and recessionary economic environments. 

Examples of life events that generate demand for storage include job relocation, downsizing by empty nesters and retirees, changes in marital status, home renovations, births and deaths, summer storage for college students, and service members storing belongings while away on deployment. Businesses also take advantage of storage facilities for inventory, records storage, and even as an alternative to warehouse space.

Strong demand combined with a fragmented market share among public companies, mid-level operators, and mom and pop shops make for an attractive real asset class. We believe that SST VI can provide diversification and income, and the potential for growth over the long term(1).

Why Self Storage

Self storage facilities rent storage units to individuals and businesses on a short-term basis (often month-to-month) to store personal possessions or business records and inventory. Today’s Class A properties are professionally managed and offer value-added amenities including state-of-the-art security, climate control, elevator service, and moving and packing supplies.

The Strength of Brand-Based Real Estate


Benefits of a Strong Brand
Customer Recognition
Customer Loyalty
Competitive Edge
Increased Referrals
Command Premium Pricing


Maximize Store Branding Opportunities
Exterior and Interior Signage
Packing & Moving Supplies
Print & Web Advertising
Social Media
Special Events & Sponsorships


This property is owned by Strategic Storage Trust VI, Inc.

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Market Drivers

Marital Status

Marital status continually changes
throughout the nation

Birth & Inheritance

New family members and inheritance of valued family heirlooms

Job Relocation

Storage of household goods during transition


Extra storage for inventory and records


Storing belongings while on deployment


Need to downsize living space

Get started with Self Storage


Self storage properties offer more than just additional space.

State-of-the-art security
Clean & well lit
Climate-controlled units
Free to reserve
No long-term contracts
Professionally managed
RV storage
Elevator service
Moving & packing supplies

Top Reasons For Using Storage(2)

Limited Space

Storing items that users don’t have room for at home


Storing items temporarily while changing residences


Storing items no longer needed or wanted until they can be disposed of

Living Situation

Storing relative’s items due to a change in living situation (e.g., parent moving from home to apartment)


Storing items inherited due to death in the family


Home or residence remodeling






Fragmented Market(2)

National Data

Approximately 50,523 Facilities

Approximately 2.01 Billion Sq. Ft.

94.5% Avg. National Occupancy

  • 19.6% Public Companies
  • 9.8% Other Top Operators
  • 70.6% Rest of Industry
Self Storage Association
Self Storage Association



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